RZZ Practice Areas

Our expertise lies in the law fields below

Corporate Law

Our team has significant expertise in how to properly manage the risks of of doing business. We provide our advice and services to our clients in an effective and timely manner to help them grow prudently. We assist our clients with their corporate structure, their agreements with their employees and their partners, and any other plan they may have for their companies.

Contract Law

Our business minded approach helps our clients establish reliable relationships with their associates or partners. More than 90% of agreements are executed successfully, however it is necessary to have the necessary protective provisions in the agreement if a dispute arises. Our team makes sure of that, so that our clients are always aware of their situation in an adverse scenario.

Public Procurement

Our expertise in public procurement legislation provides our clients with an advantage in public business opportunities. The complexities of submitting bids to requests for offers, or contesting their evaluation if there is an unfavourable outcome is an unnecessary burden for companies. We assist our clients during the bidding phase, and we represent them in a review process, to ensure that their offer is considered fairly.

Real Estate

Our clients feel safer navigating Kosovo’s particularities regarding purchasing and leasing properties with us. With immovable property, there are many times where the relationship of the owners or lessors is complex due to its history, and it is necessary for companies to ensure that there are no surprises in the future and they are free to own or possess whatever property they seek. 

Finance Law

Kosovo’s financial sector is in constant development and difficult to navigate without expertise. The regulator’s approach to financial development is very conservative and it is difficult to ascertain what limits there are in the market. In terms of current financial services in Kosovo, we provide services to financial institutions as well as their clients. 

Insurance Law

  Our experience in the sector provides an added advantage to our clients with regards to insurance services in Kosovo. We fully understand that the way that insurance companies operate and where their and their clients’ financial interest lie, and our clients are in a better position to ensure their most favourable outcome. 

Criminal Law

Every Penal Code is complex, and anyone is subject to allegations. We represent our clients through any situation they may find themselves in and ensure that the facts are properly conveyed through every step of the process. Our clients always exercise their legal rights and are protected from any potential abuse from the system.

Legislative Consulting

Kosovo is a new country and there many fields that require legal development. The international community helps Kosovo by developing projects to draft new legislation or evaluate the current one. Our team has experience in legal analysis whether it is in drafting, evaluation, or comparison with EU acquis. 

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