Our Services

Corporate Law

Our team has significant expertise in how to properly manage the risks of of doing business.


Contract Law

Our business minded approach helps our clients establish reliable relationships with their associates or partners.

Public Procurement

Our expertise in public procurement legislation provides our clients with an advantage in public business opportunities.

Real Estate

Our clients feel safer navigating Kosovo’s particularities regarding purchasing and leasing properties with us.

Finance Law

Kosovo’s financial sector is in constant development and difficult to navigate without expertise.



Our experience in the sector provides an added advantage to our clients with regards to insurance services in Kosovo.

“RZ Law is known for swift and quality services. The RZ Law team consists of young lawyers that have excellent energy, and are very knowledgeable about their fields. They assist us address problems that many businesses in Kosovo may have.” – Bashkim Krasniqi

“The extensive knowledge and willingness to serve their client is what differentiates RZ Law. We completely trust them we have also recommended them to our partners. These guys are extraordinary.” – Arbresha Brahimi

“The attention to detail, the quality of services, and the tireless work is what characterizes RZ Law.” – Basri Brahimi

“From the time we began our cooperation with RZ Law, addressing legal issues has not been a burden for our company. RZ Law has excellent lawyers that always their client’s interest.” – Labinot Ademi

“Through their services, RZ law has sown that they are not only ready to address the issues that we’ve faced in Kosovo, but also have the professional experience to assist us with our international partners. RZ Law never disappoints.” – Bashkim Zeqiri

“RZ Law knows how to create the plan to help clients achieve their purpose, no matter how complex the issue may be.” – Visar Geci

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